We are great advocates for bringing romance to people, it makes us feel like cinematic cupids! We create magical, romantic and memorable nights for our guests; where you can fully relax and feel immersed in our nostalgic theatre setting.
Picture yourself under the stars, relaxed in a comfy chair, tucked in with a soft blanket, surrounded by glowing festoon lights, glittering Art Deco style props, red carpets, and a great classic film. Not to mention our full usher and usherette table service. We all know being outdoors does us the world of good but it also enhances the enjoyment of the films that we screen.  We help you to escape the modern world and return to a traditional theatre. 
As an independent moving theatre we provide an immersive film night experience.
It may be a party, festival, community/corporate event or wedding, we provide the film you desire and the atmosphere.
If you wish to tailor the experience to suit your event with theme nights, please do not hesitate to contact us. All props and trailers can be tailored to suit the theme you require. We would love to help advise!  


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