Picture yourself under the stars, relaxed in a comfy chair with a soft blanket and surrounded by glowing festoon lights.

You're met with glittering art-deco props, a red carpet, and glass of something delicious to accompany a great classic film.

Not to mention, at the wave of your flag, our friendly usher table service.

Here at VOAC, we like to think of ourselves as cinematic cupids. Not only do we pride ourselves on bringing you a fantastic selection of film but also all the romance of 1920s, starlit canopies and one-of-kind table service.

“This really is the most nostalgic and immersive film experience I’ve had. Brilliant choice of food and drinks.”


“So glamorous! We adore the red carpet and props. Can we come back next week?”

“The staff are so tentative, I just had to wave my gold flag and they we’re there in a flash.

Just LOVE the atmosphere and effort put in to all the small details.”


We help you to escape the modern world and return to romantic, traditional theatre.




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